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This is a report in Polymerclay Daily - an american web-site.
If you interested in my book, you can get it in "Amazon" the japanese shopping site.
With clicking the "IN ENGLISH" button, - in the right end of blue line of that site, you can see that site in English.

トルコのAlev GözonarさんからHow nice isn’t it? From USA to Japan by Turkey…..Congratulations.ってメールもらいました。

c0000759_1005847.jpg彼女(Alev Gözonarさん)のポリマー作品です。here is her(Alev Gözonar)web-site. Go check it out! http://www.alevg.com/
by riedesign | 2007-10-31 09:48 | アクセサリー
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